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Devised during the lockdown period in which I had begun medically transitioning I hungered to work with my new body at a time when we weren't allowed to go out. As soon as we were able to safely, we began to shoot. I conceived this triptych as narratively enacting a blood sacrifice in reverse; my research for over three years prior trying to work through the hard seam of male-on-female violence. My journey ended and began with Elizabeth, who I promised a better time.

The body in England's water has an extremely specific politic; holding a nationalist sentimentality towards something that can kill us from an ankles depth being exquisitely Albion in its imaginary. Our lovers and our sons and daughters have been consumed by them and evil men have placed their victims within them. Sometimes innocent men place themselves within them.

A body began to move again, the waters being so very troubled. I wanted to be one of Robert Plant's Addicted to Love girls but was born two decades too late, and with quite a lot of baggage. I will take being a girl who's addicted to love as a plan B.

Hayley had to deal with a hormonal brat who kept putting herself in uncomfortable situations; insisting on dragging a photographer and their assistant who normally shoot weddings along for the ride. I am forever grateful to Hayley and her skill alongside others.

Special Thanks:
Adele Drummond (Assistant)
James Higgins (Hair II/III)
Freya Scott Sheldon (Makeup II/III)
Alfie & Mark (Support Animal & Driver)

El x


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